Video Services

FSTIVAL Discovers: short video series focusing on the festival as a whole including transport, facilities, music, general entertainment and food & drink. 

FSTIVAL Experience: experience diaries following festival-goers themselves (from competition winners to members of The FSTIVAL Club) concentrating on their full festival experiences. Diaries documenting the full trip from packing, to travel, discovering the city, camp set up and discovering everything the festival has to offer. Can also include short interviews with the public to get their thoughts and experiences at the festival. 

FSTIVAL Backstage: backstage footage, interviews, walk-ons and set footage from within the festival.

FSTIVAL Exclusives: exclusive performances from artists and bands; these will be included in Artist Profiles. 


The FSTIVAL Discovers and FSTIVAL Experience video services are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s feature your festival, and include a video on your very own festival page to show everyone what fun and unique experiences your event has to offer.

With our team of talented videographers we can provide all types of video content for your festival, get in touch to discuss in more detail.


The FSTIVAL Backstage and FSTIVAL Exclusive videos are great social content and a great way to connect with The FSTIVAL Club. If you are interested in collaborating with FSTIVAL, lets talk.


We are always looking for talented videographers from all over Europe to join the team, find out more info here.