Love Saves The Day 2019 Review

This weekend we were invited back to check out Loves Saves The Day in Bristol, a 2-day festival hosted in Eastville Park. Love Saves The Day certainly lived up to expectations after last year and was a huge amount of fun, there was a real good buzz around the site, from security to festival-goers to artists, which continued across both days.

Lily, we love you, we loved your set and we also loved when you crashed Shy FX’s set but for us, Slowthai was the standout performance of the festival! The Paradiso stage was packed out for him and he certainly didn’t disappoint everyone who rocked up with a super high energy set.

From Lily Allen crashing Shy FX’s set to the price of a beer, we’ve broken down everything you need to know from a weekend of high energy fun.

Slowthai at Love Saves The Day | CHRIS COOPER / SHOTAWAY

The Journey to Love Saves The Day

As we had our video gear with us we drove to LSTD which unlike a bunch of other music festivals does not offer any form of parking. Although we get what you’re trying to do in reducing co2 emissions it was a bit inconvenient for us and us only. LSTD did put on the ‘Love Bus’ with 3 main stops around Bristol City Centre and of course the festival site. Tbf it was a cheap and easy solution, just not ideal with camera gear.

Getting In Love Saves The Day

Getting in was very easy, we’ve heard of festival-goers having to queue for over 3hrs because the festival had run out of wristbands but not at Love Saves The Day. It was super efficient getting into the festival site, security did their job checking through bags etc thoroughly and all the security we met had smiles on their faces.

Love Saves The Day Drink Prices

Thankfully bars were a plenty, we counted over 6 main bars with several smaller cocktail caravans spread around the festival site. It was £5 per pint in the VIP area and £5.20 a pint in the main area with a £1 plastic cup deposit return. The return process was super simple, you just took your cup back to the bar and they either gave you your pound back or in our case filled your drink up and didn’t charge you a £1 for another cup. If you’re into your mixers then that would have cost you £4.80 for a single spirit and mixer, doubles were £6.50/7.

The Food At Love Saves The Day

There were quite a few food options on offer at Love Saves The Day, the most popular across the two-days were the Fish & Chips stand and the Burrito gaff. Most of the independent food trucks had some great vegan and vegetarian options but they didn’t really seem to draw the crowd. Food prices ranged from £5 to £12 depending on what you were after.

The Facilities At Love Saves The Day

The toilets – the big question on people’s lips are whether and Love Saves The Day seem to plan ahead, loads of toilets were placed in and around the main area by each of the stages which kept queueing down to a minimum – well done LSTD, no-one wants to listen to their favourite act queueing for the loo.

There was a health tent and wellbeing area situated right by the front entrance so you couldn’t miss it, you know, just in case. Loop was also there assisting with drug testing

Love Saves The Day Security

We’ve already mentioned the friendly security on the way in and there was more around the site, everyone we came across working the festival was in high spirits so big up yourselves for adding to the atmosphere. There was main security at every stage along with crowd control ensuring the safety of those festival-goers who managed to get to the front.

The Centre Stage at Loves Saves The Day | SARAH KOURY / KOLAB STUDIOS

The Stages at Love Saves The Day

The Love Saves The Day stages keep getting more creative and visually more pleasing every year. Spread out nicely across the festival site to avoid sound clashes this years setup saw the Main Stage, Lonely Hearts Club, Centre Stage, Paradiso, Brouhaha, Lost Gardens and Shambarber.

Centre Stage was by far the most popular earlier on in the day, later in the evening Paradiso and the Main Stage seemed to be the most common places to hang out on both days.

Shy FX, Slowthai, Lady Leshurr, Bonobo and Lily Allen all pulled the biggest crowds for their sets. It was pretty high energy and heavy bass across the weekend which explains why festival-goers were carb loading at the food stalls.

What Else Was At Love Saves The Day

Surprisingly there was little amount of alternative entertainment, there was a swing ride and a helter-skelter which both offered pretty cool views of the full Love Saves The Day site. Apart from that the only real area to chill and catch a breather was in the VIP area. Although LSTD is family-friendly, we’d recommend making sure you have a VIP pass to give you a chance to get away from it all and catch a breather.

LSTD offers festival-goers an app for all act listings and it includes a map, which is great, unless you can’t read a map which seemed to be an issue of a fair amount of festival-goers on day 1. The organisers also provided and printed programme which you were given, for free, on entry.



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