Field Day 2019 Review

We were invited to check out the Friday of Field Day and despite the downpour we were not disappointed. Overall we were really impressed, we mentioned in the Field Day Preview that this would be our first time there and it’s definitely a festival we will be hitting up again. Tbf this was also the first time Field Day was being hosted at this location and it banged. Having the different outside and inside elements really added to the experience, you could go from a full main stage festival experience in the rain to warehouse vibes in a couple of minutes. It also meant you could easily escape the rain with plenty of undercover bits from tents, bars and warehouses.

We headed down with STOA as we were shooting FSTIVAL Fashion bits which you should definitely check out. First up for us was scoping out the festival site which was really impressive. The rain was a bit on and off so we headed straight for one of the warehouses which had a bit of a madness going on, certain festival-goers seemed to be pretty into it but it wasn’t for us. We then peeped sunshine creeping through the large hangar doors giving us the green light to venture outside and have a proper walk around. When we say scoping out the festival site, we really mean scoping out the food stalls for later.

Unfortunately we didn’t get to try any of the gin but the Bulldog Gin Yard was popping even from early, we also made sure to pop by the Dr Martens Boot Stage which had loads of merch up for grabs for those early birds. Interestingly the flooring at the main stage was pebbles, and we’re not sure how much walking you’ve done on pebbles but it is absolutely knackering, we hung around and caught most of Mahalia’s set before having some chill time in VIP which consisted of loads of leather sofas, posh toilets and a private bar, you still had to pay through the roof for a drink though.

After an ice cold can of Camden Hells Lager we venture next door to catch the end of George Fitzgerald’s set in anticipation of the Bonobo DJ set. The main Printworks x FACT warehouse was really filling up by this point and Bonobo did not disappoint, man like Si is so good and we highly recommend catching one of his DJ sets this summer whether it’s your kettle of fish or not.

We then ventured over to the main stage capturing some fire festival fits on the way to see Jungle, they really have got some bangers haven’t they! They were sick and definitely lifted any dampened spirits as the sky cleared-ish. It was definitely time for a feed, those Brighton beach style pebbles really take it out of you. This was probably the hardest decision of the day, Jake’s Vegan Steak and Baked in Brick two front runners but in the end we went with a chicken kebab from The Middle Feast which was a great decision coming in at a solid 8 out of 10.

We chilled out in the Beavertown tent to munch down our kebab, have a £6.50 pint of Gamma Ray and escape the rain ahead of Skepta. Luckily the rain died down just ahead of Skepta taking to stage, he was about 10 mins late BUT he absolutely smashed his set! We may be biased because we’re fans of his old stuff and his new album, Ignorance Is Bliss but he really was good. Luckily for us he played a real mix of old and new with loads of special guests including Wiz Kid, Octavian & Jammer.

Big up the festival-goers, big up the artists, big up Field Day, despite the weather it was a really decent festival. A decent size and offered a lot, make sure you keep reading for the nitty gritty details.

Skepta at Field Day | STOA LONDON

The Journey To Field Day

The journey to Field Day was super easy, especially for us being based in East London. It was just a quick train from Stratford to Meridian Water and then a short 1o min walk to the festival site, we went via Ikea for a couple of 50p hotdogs and some fries because it would be rude not to at that price. You could also walk from Tottenham Hale but this was a bit further and not recommended in the rain.

Despite it being a few stops from Stratford, the Field Day site is far out and away from anything residential which is great for so many reasons which we’ll get onto.

Getting In To Field Day

Getting in was just as easy as getting to the festival site, the fact we were with a pals from STOA shooting some FSTIVAL Fashion bits meant we did arrive pretty early on the Friday but even so security were thorough and friendly. We heard of no issues or major queues as it got a bit later in the day. It also made sense to push the final let in time to 8pm to allow people coming after work.

Field Day Drink Prices

We all know London loves a drink and Field Day made it super easy to do so with absolutely loads of bars everywhere – brilliant set up. There was literally at least one bar next to every stage but the prices were steep (another common theme this festival season).

At Field Day, a large can of Camden Hells Lager would set you back 5.80 and 6 quid for a pint but you could only get pints at a small bar by the entrance or in the Beavertown tent. The Beavertown bar doubled up as a decent chill out area but it would cost you over £6 to enjoy one of their pints. If beer isn’t your thing then you were looking at 25 quid for a bottle of wine. 6.50 for a single spirit and 9 quid for a double.

Field Day 2019 Drink Prices | THE FSTIVAL CLUB

The Food Options At Field Day

Food options absolutely banged! BANGED!!

Chipsy based just outside the two warehouses were outstanding. Triple cooked chips made from Mediterranean potatoes, so we were told by the guys giving out free samples anyway which turned out to be a very good way to get people buying – who knew! We did, after trying the free sample buy some for £4.50.

Later in the evening and after much deliberation we had a chicken kebab form The Middle Feast which was honestly really good, a solid 8 out of 10, would recommend.

Loads of other food options on offer at Field Day, kind of wish we went back on Saturday just for more food but instead we were invited to hit up Junction 2 – needs must and all that.

Two food spots we almost hit up and kind of wish we did was Jake’s Vegan Steaks and Baked in Stone, who were there barbecuing chicken wings on the front of a mini, we didn’t get to try them this time but we are certainly going to look out for them at future festivals.

Baked In Stone at Field Day | STOA LONDON

The Facilities At Field Day

Loads of toilets, by the main stage, en route to the warehouses, at the back of the printworks set up, in the VIP area – loads. There never seemed to be much of a queue and they seemed to stay pretty clean although day 2 is usually the where things go down the pan and we weren’t there so can’t comment.

We did notice a young chap who needed the help of the medical tent after Earl Sweatshirts pretty aggressive set, located just by the main stage he didn’t have far to go.

Field Day Security

As we mentioned the security on the way in were friendly and that seemed to be the case across the festival site. There was plenty of security around and everyone seemed pretty on it, more so just directing people around and keeping festival-goers moving. We didn’t see or hear of any issues or trouble which is exactly how it should be.

The Stages At Field Day

The stage set up was really good, the outside main stage hosted headliners Skepta and Jorja Smith and instead of grass Field Day offered pebbles, Brighton beach style. This is probably the first festival we’ve been to with pebbles but it seemed to work due to the bad weather and avoid getting super muddy. Although, it could get a bit silly if people start launching them all over the place.

There was a bit grass you’ll be pleased to know, considering we were at a festival called Field Day. This was just home to the majority of the food stalls…the really good food stalls. It also homed the Bulldog Gin Yard which was popping every time we popped in. A smallish Yard made up of large metal containers,

Opposite the gin yard in the far corner was the Beavertown tent serving pints of Neck Oil and Gamma Ray. It also served as decent chill out spot and hideaway from those rain showers.

A little way up but still on the field bit was Dr Marten’s Boot Room showcasing a whole host of up and coming artists including Tirzah and Yizzy who we spoke to not too long ago.

Not only were Camden Brewery serving ice cold pints by the entrance, they also had their own warehouse with a massive bar serving all of the drinks. Beer wise, only cans were available but they were ice cold. At the back of the Warehouse was the VIP area with another bar, same prices, good amount of seating which actually got super busy towards the end of the evening. The Camden Brewery warehouse made up part of the Printworks warehouse stage in association with FACT. Across the weekend this stage hosted the likes of George Fitzgerald, Bonobo, Seth Troxler and The Black Madonna. The other side of the warehouse was another bar and more seating which was definitely needed with all those shapes being thrown in the main part.

Bonobo at Field Day | STOA LONDON

There were two Warehouse set ups with the smaller warehouse being hosted by Boiler Room in association with CRACK. The line-up across the weekend included Deerhunter, Modeselektor, Oh Annie Oh and Octavian.

On the Friday we were there, Mahalia, Jungle, Bonobo and unsurprisingly Skepta pulled the biggest crowd. We heard from very good sources that Octavian packed out the Boiler Room x CRACK warehouse on Saturday.

There was a real good variety in music across each of the different stage set ups and the handy app allowed you to plan your day, the notifications also kept you in the loop with whagwarn throughout the day.

Unfortunately, due to the poor weather on the Friday certain artists had their sets cancelled on the main stage which didn’t go down too well and we were gutted to miss Kojey Radical but needs must and we believe this was due to safety. Better safe than sorry, eh!?

What Else Was At Field Day

As we’ve mentioned there were plenty of chill out areas. There were only a couple of fairground rides on offer which seems to be pretty common so far this festival season. We kind of get it, especially when there are plenty of chill out areas dotted around.

We also mentioned the trusty app, you could schedule your day and find your way around using the map.

There were a few scaffold built art installations which added a bit to the empty space, nothing to really shout about and we weren’t there for them let’s be honest.



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