All Points East 2019 Review – Bring Me The Horizon

Overall All Points East second Friday line-up curated by Bring Me The Horizon for us was a really nice evening, the sun was shining, apart from getting pulled over by the sniffer dog it was easy to get in and we had a beer in hand within a matter of minutes. 6 quid a pint was pretty steep but it’s not far off what you’re paying in London pubs these days so it’s almost the norm, which is absolutely shocking btw. We remember when you could get a pint for £2.50. Anyway..

First up we headed to the East Stage to catch our pals Nothing But Thieves do what they do best in the East London sun. You know they’re doing well with the amount of guitar changes! If we’re being completely honest Nothing But Thieves are probably about as heavy we go but luckily we had our rock mates with us who could educate so next up we headed to the North Stage to catch While She Sleeps and we can tell you now that this is not the sort of music you listen to when trying to sleep but it was a good introduction for what to expect for the rest of the evening. This realisation was a call for food, the team needed to ensure the energy was high so hit up the Caribbean Jerk Chicken and Paelleria spots. You’re looking at around a tenner for food but it was very good!

Next up was Architects to close the North Stage, they drew a pretty big crowd who were really into their roaring and screaming. Despite it not really being our kettle of fish they were pretty good, super high energy and kept eh energy of the crowd up throughout the whole set. Also, their drummer is fucking sick.

It was thirsty work watching digesting Architects live for the first time so it was time for another round of Red Stripes and a walk to the main East Stage for headliners, Bring Me The Horizon. Now, we’ve heard BMTH on Radio 1, during the day time but they are quite different live let us tell you! They’re from Sheffield if you didn’t know, the lead singer mentioned it once or twice but the line-up they curated and the show they put on was very sick. Props to Bring Me The Horizon, from Sheffield and All Points East, from East London. Keep reading for the full low-down.

The Journey To All Points East

All Points East is super easy for us which is an absolute dream, Victoria Park is where you can find us running on occasion so getting to there was just a short walk for us. We know the area well and whether you’re getting off the overground at Hackney Wick or the tube at Mile End, Victoria Park is just a short walk from both.

Getting In To All Points East

We arrived at 5.30pm and the queues were minimal, it was super quick getting through. APE went with the see-through plastic bag to put all pocket contents in to go through the metal detectors which definitely speeds up the process but isn’t too good on the environment.

As you know we go to a lot of festivals and for the very first time Charlie was picked out by the sniffer dog on the way in and asked to go to the dreaded white tent. En route a few different security people asked whether I had any drugs on me and that I had the option to put them in the amnesty bin and carry on into the festival. The other option was to be escorted to the white tents for a pat down and a search through your belongings. Everyone was super nice, respectful and the process was super-efficient. Absolutely nothing to worry about when you’ve got nothing on you.

All Points East Drink Prices

Loads of bars around the APE site, most of them had been dressed up to look like barber shops, libraries which added a nice bit of character from your standard white tents. Drinks were pricey but what else do you expect from a music festival in the heart of East London?

£5.60 for a warm can or £6 for a pint of Red Stripe.

For spirits it was £6.50 a single and £10 a double.

Having the drinks menu outside in the open for all to see was actually super handy, it meant people could plan their drinks order before getting to the bar and taking an age.

The only time we saw a queue for the main bar by the North Stage was in-between While She Sleeps and Architects set. Other than that you rarely had to wait to buy a drink, we’ll put this down to great planning but pretty sure it was just lack of festival-goers.

The Food Options At All Points East

Some really great food options on offer at APE and definitely worth going back for. The team needed some fuel for the mosh pits and after a fair amount of deliberation opted for Carribean Jerk Chicken and Paelleria.

£9 for a large portion of Paella and £12 for a big box of chicken, coleslaw and some of the best chips we’ve tried at a festival.

Plenty of other food options, including burgers, halloumi fries, falafel and of course some peng looking vegan options, we were in East London after all. Like we said, definitely worth going back for.

The Facilities At All Points East

Toilets were situated pretty close to each of the main stages and like the bars the queues were minimal. Everything seemed pretty clean and tidy.

We also want to big up APE for the amount of bins they provided and how clearly signed they were to encourage recycling. Without sounding too preachy this is something we’ve all got to do our bit towards helping and not just throw rubbish on the floor.

All Points East Security

The security was friendly on the way in and throughout the rest of the festival, they seemed pretty on it and at no point did you feel unsafe. Loads of water on offer to festival-goers at the front of stages which was especially necessary considering the weather.

The Stages At All Points East

The main stages were the East Stage and the North Stage. There was also the Firestone Stage and Jaegerhaus. Getting there late we didn’t spend too much time at the later two but the line-ups on the two main stages were pretty strong.

East Stage being the main stage hosted the likes of Idles, Nothing But Thieves and headliners Bring Me The Horizon. If you’re an American Express cardholder you could gain exclusive access to their main stage viewing platform with a dedicated bar for you plus 3 friends. We only have 3 friends when we have festival tickets up for grabs and don’t have any money or an American Express so couldn’t tell you what it was like.

Architects and Bring Me The Horizon pulled the biggest crowds of the evening which was to be expected.

There had been a lot of complaints from festival-goers about the poor sound over weekend 1, especially for The Strokes first London date in over 4 years and at points we could see where the issues might lie but as long as you stood directly by one of the main speakers then we didn’t have any issue with the sound.

The second Friday line-up for APE was very genre specific but that’s how they plan it. The acts were picked by headliners, Bring Me The Horizon and certainly catered to a heavy rock audience. High energy, lots of jumping, lots of screaming, lots of mosh pitting and loads of head bopping. IT was really good to see a line-up like this at a London festival the scale of All Points East.

What Else Was At All Points East

Similar to Love Saves The Day there weren’t many rides on offer, we saw the swings and that was pretty much it. Victoria Park is pretty big and there were plenty of places to sit down, the tree bit as you make your way to the East Stage was a nice refuge from the beaming sun. Other than that there wasn’t many other chill out areas unless you had access to the guest area. It is a day festival and each day is line-up specific with artists performing the whole time so you shouldn’t really need a proper chill out area.

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